Opera "Cleopatra" by Amedeo Tremigliozzi becomes part of the permanent collection of the Magma Museum - Roccamonfina - CE - Italy

A Symphony of Collours - Indulge Magazine

Managing to brilliantly combinehis early career as a ceramist preparing traditional Italian pottery with a passion for classic and contemporary painting, his uplifting works are bound to brighten up any home – and mood – with their imaginative patterns, tantalizing textures and unapologetic colours. 

Intuitive Art - The Gulf Today 

You are a painter as well as a ceramic artist. Can you elaborate on the ceramic work?
I was inspired by this beautiful branch of art in 1997 when attending a specialisation course. I was fascinated by the idea that naturalelements such as earth, water and fire can give life to a resistant and delicate object such as majolica. What excites me most are thetraits that are printed in clay and after 24 hours of waiting for the burning object to present its inner state, there is a big surprise waitingfor the creator.


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